Quarantine how it changes my life | story time

This has been an incredible hard month for all of us. Corona really changed everything. Sometimes I can’t help but to laugh about it. How can such a small little virus, which symptoms aren’t even severe for most of the population, can take over the whole world? It’s just so impressive. The most scary thing about it, isn’t being sick - at least for me. But how it will change my life and my path. I am not here to tell you a story about how tragic it was for me and my family and it will be definitely not a very unique story, because this is my way of telling you how scared I am and all my worries and thoughts. It’s less a story but some more like a diary entry.

Well, as you all know I study Pharmacy in Germany. The semester starts at mid April and mid October and the exams are spread out during February and April, and July and October. Since the virus spread so quickly, they decided to stop Universities and schools. We are not allowed or at least we shouldn't leave our houses and we should definitely not travel. What does that mean for me? Well, during the semester break, I am at my hometown, doing my internship in a hospital. It was really scary to hear all the background storys and all the problems they have to deal with and how real this was. Even before it went public that most of the hospitals don’t have enough face masks anymore, I was left with none. Or at least I should keep mine and not throw it away immediately. Everyone was so scared and ran around and the most heartbreaking thing was how misinformed some doctors even where! I can't tell you what they did but it seems like they didn't treat the Corona infected people right. A lot of the nurses started stealing things like face masks and hand sanitizer. It was horrible. It all made my anxiety worse and I know that my following thoughts will be seen as very selfish, but I was scared what that meant for my summer semester. If I will be able to go back to my college town and if I can keep studying and if that meant that I needed to study longer in the fall.

Another major thing Corona triggered is that my parents lost their job or will lose their job. I know, that it sounds weird and you might ask why they can't do homeoffice but my parents own a restaurant which meant that they are their own bosses and that we are very financially dependent on it. I mean, we are not poor and we have money, you know. But if Corona will keep going for another 6 months, my parents will not be able to pay their employees and they need money as well to survive.

Corona isn't a very harmful virus, at least in me being sick, but it is going to change the economy and my whole life. I did not only lose a semester but I also might lose my financial stability through my parents. My anxiety level really did reach its peak. I started crying out of nowhere and I am constantly overthinking and worring about my future. My anxiety stopped me from being productive and i feel like my whole life is getting out of hand and i lost control of it.


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